The Olympic Flame: 2420

We forgot what sports was.

We forgot the horrors that were the Olympic Games.

We forgot why, and yet we keep carrying the flame.


You remote control the flame bearer by ordering the instructions. Drag and drop, but the two leftmost are locked.

They are executed according the the perspective of the robot.

If you light the barrel it is a way to rekindle the fire, should you need to.

Activate robot printers by passing near them with a still flaming torch.

If you feel impatient, you may disconnect the robot and spawn a new at no cost but your own conscience.

Finally, we didn't have time to add music and sounds so at the main menu, go find yourself a sporty tune that beats in the rhythm of the robot's moves.


Local Minimum, Sloppy Demon and Pica pica


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Cool idea! I haven't beaten the game yet, but the way he moves is  hilarious and interesting